The Future is Now! Intergenerational Changemakers on Water 

Water House, 666 Third Avenue, New York, 10172

20 March 2023, 13:00 ET

We should empower those who can empower others. Thinking critically, becoming curious, and truly understanding the magnitude of the global water challenges is fundamental. All this calls for a more profound education and involvement of young people globally.

More than 200 teams from all over the world participate in the Gamechanger Challenge 2023. After passing through two rounds of evaluation by the Youth- and Expert Jury, 5 finalists will present their final pitch in New York City.

The Gamechanger Challenge 2023 and its final during the NY Water Week are the perfect example of the initiatives we need in order to include today’s students into addressing global challenges. Let us come together and get inspired by all the young #WaterAction.Wednesday  22th:


12:30 – Walk In

13.00 – Wetskills & UN 2023 Gamechanger challenge

15.00 – Waterish-break

15.30 – A way to tackle youth engagement obstacles workshop

17.00 – Waterish-break

17.30 – Wetskills & UN 2023 Gamechanger challenge Awarding ceremony

18.00 – Networking drinks