Our Journeys demonstrate practical applications of the Valuing Water Principles to policy, business practices and behaviour across contexts, sectors, organizations and companies. The Journeys are rooted in the commitment of all key stakeholders to pursue systemic change; experiment with and apply the Valuing Water Principles in policy, operational and investment decisions; make explicit the diverse water-related values of all key stakeholders; investigate and address value-policy gaps and value-action gaps and communicate what has been learnt from the experience.

We work with our Journey partners to provide advice on planning and design; guidance during execution and if possible and required partial financial support. We also support in the dissemination of lessons and results.

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Implementing the “multi-layer systems from floods” concept in the city of Dordrecht to create a shift in approach from prevention to evacuation.


Mobilizing the finance sector to value water risks in their portfolios and hold companies accountable.


Engaging and empowering young people can help us achieve more sustainable outcomes both in the water sector and in society as a whole.