RunBlue is a valuing water campaign funded by VWI and delivered by the Thirst Foundation. Led by Mina Guli, an extreme runner from Australia, extreme running events are used to draw attention to water-related issues. The program operates under the campaigns workstream of VWI and serves as an awareness-raising mechanism for better water valuing and the VWPs across key stakeholders, including grassroots community members, policy stakeholders, and corporate representatives. VWI has directly financed the RunBlue campaign to cover the necessary travel and operational expenses.

VWI has partnered with Mina as both a funding source and thought partner, collaboratively repackaging the campaign with stronger messaging on VWPs and water valuing. Mina Guli operates as the campaign driver, runner, and story amplifier.

Together we build awareness for better water valuing

The key outcome of this campaign has been the building of awareness across a wide range of actors and stakeholder types.

Engagement on water issues with various stakeholder categories at key events

Engagement on water issues with various stakeholder categories at key events – this workstream involves raising awareness of the VWPs and sharing the stories of the people most affected by the water crisis. Mina, as the face of the campaign, has presented at key events such as the Stockholm World Water Week and the UN Water Conference. She has also held awareness discussions with key policy and corporate decision-makers in one-on-one settings.

Awareness built across various geographies

Awareness built across various geographies – 200 marathons were run across 32 countries from 2021 to 2023. Local community members, government officials, and corporate stakeholders have been mobilized to participate in the campaign for water. Many stakeholders run in the marathons themselves, while others participate more in pre- and post-run discussions. Regardless, the messaging of VWPs is instilled in the participants and beyond through media coverage and post-marathon content development. Media content from the RunBlue campaign has reached over 300,000 views, reaching a variety of audiences beyond those participating in the runs.

354,349,677 people across all five continents have been reached

Overall, the promotion of the Valuing Water Principles has reached 354,349,677 people across all five continents through the RunBlue Campaign.

More info about the Run Blue campaign?

Please find more info at: Mina Guli | Run Blue