VWI is exploring ways towards better decisions impacting water in Eswatini. In Eswatini, VWI and its partners have implemented the five Valuing Water Principles through the development and implementation of the National Youth in Water Initiative.


• Improving the understanding, appreciation, and enhanced management of water resources by implementing the UN Valuing Water Principles across various aspects of water-related activities and industries also, building youth capacity, ensuring youth involvement and inclusion in water resources management and governance.
• Recognition that water is a cross-cutting issue pertinent to all sectors of the economy hence a need for a holistic approach to youth engagement & incorporating young people in the governance and administration of water resources, so they can (actively) work to enhance water management and climate resilience in the country.
• Ensure that local youth action to address water-related challenges in a changing climate is formally recognised and implemented as part of official planning and programme delivery and Youth contribution to local, regional, and global water governance and management-related dialogues is the norm, not the exception


• Youth engaged in events and conference such as the River and Environmental Management Cooperation (REMCO)conference and the Eswatini International Trade Fair and accompanying workshops.
• For the first time, youth and women have taken high-level positions, such as Chairman and Vice Chairman, in the River Basin Boards
Capacity building programs and other opportunities were established to help young people advance in the water sector and make a positive difference.
• Youth in water members get first preferences in the internship programs at JRBA- PB and the program is to be rolled out to other organisations in the water sector.
• Youth gained access to valuable information, resources, opportunities, support, collaborations and events.

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