The Peruvian government has been engaged with VWI since its inception through participation in the High-Level Panel on Water (HLPW), alongside the Netherlands and nine other countries. The objective of the journey in Peru to implement VWI principles practically within the framework of the Chancay-Lambayeque River basin in Peru.

The Peru journey began in 2018 and consists of four phases: I Scoping, II Diagnostic, III Implementation and IV Monitoring and Evaluation.

I Scoping: various awareness-raising activities

The I Scoping phase comprised various awareness-raising activities within the local and national communities. As a first step, the Peru Journey team conducted scoping meetings where they visited the basin and national organizations in person, engaging with relevant stakeholders to discuss the goals of the Journey.

II Diagnostic: uncovering the values assigned to water

Following the scoping phase, a diagnostic survey was conducted at the local (basin) level. The aim was to uncover the values assigned to water by each stakeholder. Participants included local public management institutions, local private management institutions, social management institutions (e.g., non-governmental organizations, social organizations, platforms, roundtables), and institutions in the basin transfer zone. Additionally, youth and diverse gender perspectives were captured in the survey.

Similarly, a national survey was conducted to understand the values assigned to water by national organizations within Peru. Some of these organizations included the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation, the National Association of Sanitation Service Providers of Peru, the Ministry of Housing, the Water Fund for Lima, and Callao, among others. The majority of the organizations were private (82%), a smaller portion were public (14%), and a few were cooperative (4%).

Once the results of these surveys were collected and analyzed, Deltares and VWI held workshops in Peru with various stakeholders. These workshops took place in February 2024, effectively concluding the II phase of the project.

III Implementation and IV Monitoring and Evaluation

These phases are pending.

Raising awareness of how stakeholders value water

The activities have been effective in raising awareness of how a wide range of stakeholders value water and how these values can sometimes create synergies as well as tensions, including power dynamics.

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