Valuing water entails recognizing and empowering underrepresented groups, particularly youth, women, and local communities, as enshrined in the five Valuing Water Principles. Thus, VWI initiated a youth journey—a venture to value water by engaging and empowering young people in building a more sustainable, water-secure world. Read more about our phases and activities below.

Phase 1: Scoping Study In collaboration with the Water Youth Network

A scoping study was conducted to explore what works, what doesn’t, and what’s needed to achieve systematic and meaningful engagement of young people in water management and governance. The study involved a mapping exercise to identify existing organizations and initiatives active in this area, a survey among young people interested in water policies to gather their perspectives on key obstacles to meaningful engagement, and data validation sessions with youth groups, including the Youth Delegates to the World Water Council. The study concluded that the following obstacles to youth engagement in decision-making impacting water are evident:

Phase 2: Youth journey

In cooperation with IUCN, AquaFed and the Red Cross Climate Centre

Vision: youth priorities, initiative and idea fully integrated into water governance and management, contributing to water and climate resilience.

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