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The UN High Level Panel on Water initiated the Valuing Water Leadership Coalition, to bring together global experience and leadership from the public and private sectors to change the way the world values water. Join us, and together let us build a global coalition for a water-secure world.”

Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands

The Valuing Water Initiative calls for the many values of water to be recognized in decision-making to ensure we can live in a sustainable water-secure world. Inspired by the Valuing Water Principles, we work collaboratively with people across systems and sectors to better understand, value and manage water.

The five valuing water principles


Recognize and embrace water’s multiple values – to different groups and interests in all decisions affecting water;


Reconcile values and build trust – conduct all processes to reconcile values in ways that are equitable, transparent and inclusive;


Protect the sources including watersheds, rivers, aquifers, associated ecosystems, and used water flows for current and future generations;


Educate to empower – promote education and awareness among all stakeholders about the intrinsic value of water and its essential role in all aspects of life;


Invest and innovate – ensure adequate investment in institutions, infrastructure, information and innovation to realize the many benefits derived from water and reduce risks.

This is what we do

We implement the valuing water principles in already existing water decision-making processes in these regions:

We place the multiple values of water higher on the agenda in:

Valuing water means recognising and empowering under-represented groups in water decision-making processes:

Valuing water campaigns

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