Valuing Water Survey

A global online survey was developed to understand how personal values impact decision-making in water governance. The results are also available in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

On basis of the outcomes of the VWI Water Survey and the practitioner guide, the following tools were developed:

Tool 1: Value maps

How can I identify the multiple values of water?
Please find two value maps that have been created to start the values conversation: an Assigned values map and a Governance-related values map

Tool 2: Value conversation game

Enabling reconciliation of values
Please find the value conversation game documents here: Game facilitator notes, Game presentation and Game stakeholder cards

Tool 3: Systemic change tool


The constellations’ methodology as an aid to visualize and unravel complex situations or challenges. It does so by inviting people to represent either individual actors, stakeholder groups, or more abstract themes, like governance, corruption, poverty, and nature. By observing movements and patterns within the constellation, and by sharing perceptions, unknown or hidden patterns can be revealed. This creates new perspectives and insight for those dealing with the problem, and not seldom a new starting point for addressing it. As a group exercise the collective experience adds strongly to a more common understanding. VWI implements constellations in collaboration with professional constellators.

Valuing water tools developed by others

• Serious game: Water Values: a serious Board Game | PortCityFutures
• IHE is developing a course on valuing water in collaboration with VWI

We value our collaboration with


University of Cambridge

TU Delft

University of Leeds

University of Bath

Scotland’s Rural College

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