VWI is working with the government of Mexico and other stakeholders towards better decisions impacting water.


In Mexico, the Valuing Water Principles are implemented within the Querétaro river basin and further collaborations are explored with the state of Chiapas and other places in Mexico.

Expected outcomes: Querétaro river basin

The following specific outcomes are envisioned:

• Raising awareness on the five valuing water principles and the possible implementation methodologies
• Identifying the multiple values of water through a specific study
• Develop educational and promotion materials
• Disseminate the value of water within the Querétaro river basin, in all sectors and in society in general

Expected outcomes: The state of Chiapas

The following specific outcomes that are envisioned:

• On a legislation level: To include the valuing water principles in a constitutional reform to strengthen the public water policies of Chiapas
• On an operational level: To strengthen capacities of employees of the public drinking water and sewerage systems by taking into account the multiple values of water and the strengthen the monitoring, supervision and strategies to protect water better

Together with the Dutch governmental programs of Water as a Leverage and Partners for Water, VWI is exploring further possibilities of the inclusion of the multiple values of water in Mexico.

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