Mainstreaming multiple values of water for better informed decision making

New York

24 March 2023, 9:30

“etc.venues”, 601 Lexington Avenue – Acquisition Suite. Arrivals from 09:00 for breakfast.
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The vision of 2023 UN Water Conference is “Uniting the World for Water”. This raises the question: How can the world achieve sustainable development if stakeholders value water so differently?

The Valuing Water Initiative from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, The United Republic of Tanzania and the side event partners cordially invite you to participate in the official Side Event of the UN Water Conference 2023:

 “Mainstreaming the Valuing Water Perspectives Towards Better Decision making”.

 This side event is envisioned as a space for exchanging valuable international experiences and lessons learnt from the Regional Valuing Water Processes (LAC and Africa). Additionally, the event will focus on discussing and showcasing the commitments towards the Valuing Water Principles (VWP) and the identification of needs to further take the commitments into practice.

We invite all governments, organizations and representatives of diverse initiatives that are interested in the Valuing Water Principles to join us in this inspiring session and contribute to the discussion of bringing the VWP into practice under different contexts.

Side event Partners: Peruvian Government (National Water Authority), Government of Chile (Ministry of Public Works), Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), Deltares, Global Water Partnership (GWP)

For further information please contact Sonja Wanke at