Empowering Youth for a Sustainable Future


22 March 2022, 15:30 Dakar / 16:30 CET

Event description:

Held during the 9th World Water Forum in Dakar, this event will launch the Valuing Water Youth Taskforce which aims to support the Valuing Water Initiative and its partners in addressing the fundamental challenges faced by young people in the water sector. The Valuing Water Youth Taskforce aims to share experience and knowledge on best practices in youth engagement and inspire others to take action. The session will conclude with a call to action for conference participants to register their interest in joining the Taskforce.

Some other key areas of discussion include:

  • Share the findings from a scoping study into the challenges facing young people in the water sector;
  • Introduce the work being undertaken to address the obstacles facing young people and invite feedback. This is being led by VWI’s partners IUCN, AquaFed and the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre. Participants will be made aware of forthcoming workshops, capacity building activities and intergenerational dialogues activities that these partners will undertake starting summer 2022 and will be able to provide their input
Joy Ray

Advisor, Valuing Water Initiative

Neil Dhot

Executive Director, AquaFed

Eleanor Treadwell

Project Lead, World Waternet

Armel Mewouth

Project Coordinator, International Union for Conservation of Nature