Values-based decision-making for innovative water governance


21 August 2023, 11:00 CEST

The Valuing Water Initiative and its partners are exploring innovative methodologies to improve the societal understanding of the value of water. A core part of this mission is to develop and facilitate transformative processes that improve decision-making on water – making it more equitable, transparent and inclusive, with the objective of delivering more sustainable water outcomes.

Drawing on systemic constellation theory and practice, this highly participatory session will feature neither panels nor PowerPoints. Led by an experienced facilitator and using a water governance case study developed with the Government of Chile, the session aims to:

  • Improve mutual understanding of unconscious dynamics within water related relationships, organisations or societal contexts;
  • Offer new insights on water-related challenges, their origins, and the potential for addressing them;
  • Provide an opening for new, more intimate discussions and debate related to water and valuing water, including power positions and dynamics, responsibilities, vested interests and consequences;
  • Stimulate personal interactions, sharing and dialogue amongst stakeholders and participants.

This session will be the first demonstration of systemic constellation work within a public setting in the water sector, demonstrating the potential for more value based decision making as a way to address water challenges.