Water Valuation in Latin American and the Caribbean


25 – 27 September 2023, 9:00

As a result of recent multilateral agreements on water, mainly at the UN Water Conference and its preparatory meetings (including the ECLAC Regional Water Dialogues), the Government of the Netherlands has prioritized, as part of its international agenda, the implementation of a water valuation process at a local scale.

Working with the Governments of Colombia, Chile and Peru with the Netherlands as a facilitator, the objective of the Latin America and Caribbean workshop is to create a space for dialogue and knowledge exchange of the water valuation processes in these countries and the implementation of the Valuing Water Principles as outlined in the Regional Action Agenda for Water.

During the workshop, participants discussed:

  • The background and progress of the VWI process both globally and learnings from Peru including the water assessment tools that have been initiatiated by VWI.
  • Experiences, expectations and learnings of the delegations from Chile, Colombia and Peru in the process of implementing the Water Valuation Principles in each country and in the region.
  • Identify the routes to follow in each country and institution, including the main challenges,expected results, and support required from the Netherlands as a facilitating country.