Youth Engagement: From Why to How


1 September 2022, 9:00 CET

Event description:

Last year, a coalition of partner organisations highlighted why it’s critical to engage and empower young people in water governance & management. Since then, we’ve launched a Valuing Water Youth Taskforce and action plan to stimulate youth engagement across the sector. It’s time to move from why to how.

Engaging and empowering young people can help us achieve more sustainable outcomes both in the water sector and in society as a whole. But what does that look like in practice, and how can your organisation make a difference? One way is by engaging with the new Valuing Water Youth Taskforce, a new multistakeholder coalition seeking to empower young people in water governance & management. In this session, the founders and members of the taskforce will share key lessons from their work and discuss the way forward for youth in the water sector, concluding with a call to action for the UN water conference in 2023.

Joe Ray

Senior Advisor, Valuing Water Initiative