Field Level Leadership (FLL) programme in Beira Municipality

The Beira Autonomous Sanitation Unit (SASB) has at present a total of about 200 staff and is responsible for provision of urban drainage and sanitation services in the area under the jurisdiction of Beira municipality, which has the highest concentration of population in the central region of Mozambique. SASB is a unit of the Beira Municipality endowed with administrative and financial autonomy. Issues underlying the poor performance of municipal services in Mozambique are complex and multidimensional. However, there is growing recognition that practical measures are necessary on top of managerial changes.

This is where the Field Level-Leadership (FLL) programme came into place.This human-centred approach looks further and focuses on what individuals can contribute to a larger organisation like SASB, what their added value is and how their behaviour can be influenced positively. The approach brings people together to join forces and focus on the positive changes that are possible internally and how this impacts the service delivery of citizens of the municipality of Beira.

After completion of all the activities, the project partners came together to discuss the WB impact assessment video and to also continue discussions on potential future steps. These steps have been elaborated on in a reflections three-pager, for internal use only. This document has been attached as an annex to the email, but the main conclusion is that the Valuing Water Initiative and FLL work hand in-hand and have a similar approach to improving service delivery and a human-centred approach.

This conclusion suggests that future use of FLL and collaboration between FLL and VWI is possible in various contexts. Most obvious would be to continue apply FLL in other departments of the municipality of Beira, For further feedback on the future steps, please refer to the internal report in the annex to the email.